HD - B
AD - 1
Eyes - 2011

Jymy bor hos Johanna & Timo i Finland, http://www.anvianet.fi/goldens/


Stamtavle 4 generationer 

Glenweir Rhum of Holway FT.W Holway Dezzy Eng. FT. CH. Holway Corbiere Eng. FT. CH. Holway Denier
Eng. FT. CH. Little Marston Chorus Of Holway
FTW Holway Quincy FTW Papercourt Patrick
FTW Holway Claret
Millrythe Ibiza Eng. FT. CH. Rossmhor of Clancallum FTW Willowric Andy
Mallardhurn Golden Flo
Robenda Clary Of Millrythe FTW Lingholme Skree Of Holywear
Meadowreen Briar of Robenda
Falkirk's Éowyn White Lady Of Rohan SVCH Holway Odin FTW Standerwick Remus of Merryway Eng. FT. CH. Earnsfield Teal
Eng. FT. CH. Abnalls Hilary Of Standerwick
Holway Muffin Holway Milo (Field Trial Winner)
Inpark Velvet of Holway
Golden Runner's Titan Sidewinder Joe's Jazzy Sungold Lucky Wuk
Dusky Sound's Husky Joe's Wuk
Dusky Sound's Dusky


galleri rulned

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