Magda er elsket og ejet af Evy Pedersen

HD: endnu ikke
AD: endnu ikke

OCD: endnu ikke
Øjne: endnu ikke



Stamtavle 4 generationer 

Searover Xtra Nils DK BRCH NO JCH Gleen Mhor's Niko Anouk of Enigmatic Patience DK BRCH Clockburn Clooneen
Mc Nath's Abigail
Gate My Melodie of Golden Spirit Boy Quiver Creek's Owlsburgh
Gleen Mhor's Awe
Höghedens Xtra Echobrook Dexster Birdsgreen Stormbreak Over Millgreen
Shot Wood Lettie
Höghedens May Be For Us GB FTCH Marcus May Be of Wadesmill
Stjärnglimtens Extasia

RMB BH IBGH1 BPA FPR1 FPR2 FPR3 IBGH2 IBGH3 Falkirk's Going 4 Gold

Crawfields Cougar Golden Runner's Mithrandir Joe's Jazzy
Dusky Sound's Husky
Sungold Flying Frida Joe's Wuk
Ambertrail's Happy Heatleader
Falkirk's Tinfoil Hat Good Luck Yankee FTCH AFTCH Can OTCH TNT's Stanley Steamer ***UD, WCX , MH, OHF Am UD ***
Emberain's Amiable Ultimatum ***
Falkirk's White Lodge Bleki's Dusty
Golden De Luxe Titan's Revenge


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